Facilitative Mediation – Joint Session $200 per party $100 additional for party requesting shuttle
Shuttle Facilitative Mediation $250 per party
Telephone Facilitative Mediation $300/$200  $300 out of area/$200 in person
Settlement Conference Mediation $250 per party
Landlord/Tenant $50 per party non-refundable Two hour session



  • The party who postpones A) within 10 business days of the scheduled mediation date will pay a rescheduling fee of $50.00 or B) within 2 business days will pay a rescheduling fee of $200.00
  • Parties must agree on and re-schedule a new mediation within 60 days of the postponement date.
  • When a session is cancelled within 10 business days of a scheduled mediation by any party, the entire fee for both parties is nonrefundable.
  • When a case is closed prior to being scheduled or a session is cancelled prior to 10 business days before the scheduled mediation date by any party, CDR retains $100.00 per party for administrative services.



When an additional session is requested following a completed mediation, standard mediation rates apply.


Support Person

Support people are welcome to use our waiting room and will be available to you during session breaks. Only by mutual agreement will a Support Person be present in the mediation room. To proceed without delay, please inform us of your intended support person at the time of payment.

Fee Adjustments

If you are receiving public assistance or have reduced income, you may qualify for a reduced mediation payment. In order to qualify, you must do the following:

  1. Fill out the Fee Adjustment Application
  2. Provide Supporting Documents showing 3 months of Income (i.e. Disability/Social Security award letter, Child support payment, bank statements, pay stubs, unemployment stubs, public assistance verification).
  3. Submit $50 Non-Refundable deposit with your application and supporting documents

Forms can be faxed or mailed or dropped off in person. Your case will not be started until all of this information and payment have been received.


Income determination: to determine what adult income to use for people living in the same house-use this as a guide: If you eat your meals together, share expenses and income or support each other in any way, then your all part of the same household and the income should be counted.

Request A Fee Adjustment Request A Mediation