Mediation is a voluntary, collaborative process in which one or more impartial mediators facilitate the communication between disputing parties in order to resolve the conflict.

Unlike arbitration or litigation, where one side “wins” and the other side “loses,” the goal of mediation is to help the disputing parties come to an agreement that satisfies everyone.

At CDR, we offer several mediation and facilitation services to address all types of conflict:


  • Dissolution, Parenting Plans – original or modifications, 3rd party custody, Elder Care, Parent with Teen


  • Landlord-Tenant, Noise, Nuisance, Animals, Parking, Homeowner Associations, property boundaries, code violations (referred from Municipal or District Court)

Business and Consumer

  • Commercial, Contracts, repairs, leases, incomplete work

Organizational and Group

  • small and large group dynamics, team work, departments, customer service, employer-employee, communication, unmet expectations

Public Policy and Cross-Cultural

  • community involvement, best practices, strategic planning, communication, multi-party and multi-agency


  • Management, Employees, co-workers, departmental


  • Personal Injury, Discrimination, Probate, Motor Vehicle Accident, General Liability, Property, Real Property



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