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When a customer is upset, they blame, they raise their voice, they repeat themselves over and over. They expect you to agree with them, they want you to fix their problem, they are rude and disrespectful, and they want you to talk to them until it is fixed! They might have all day – but you don’t!

This 2-day experiential workshop is specifically designed for employees who deal with the public directly, facing very specific and different challenges than most other departments. For most, the public’s demand for conversion exceeds your available time. In other words:

  • How do I deal with this person’s anger and frustration?
  • How do I get myself off the phone quickly and gracefully?
  • How do I end the conversion and move on to someone else?

This workshop will teach participants some basic concepts and skills necessary to deal effectively and efficiently with the public.

Dealing with Emotional People

You are not a therapist. You are not an attorney. You are the person who probably best understands the various departments and functions of your workplace or company. Problem A typically is handled by department or person 1, while problem B is typically handled by department or person 2, etc. You are in a unique position. You often are the “central command” -where the public and the internal work divisions meet. You are the public face of your workplace. You experience the initial wind blowing into your offices. How are you supposed to logically answer questions to illogical people? How do we handle those who are upset and emotional? In this workshop we will learn some very simple and universal concepts that inform us how to speak to emotional people. These concepts will help us better understand why some approaches work and others do not. Of course, in learning these we better understand ourselves when we are triggered. This is the nature of universal interpersonal dynamics.

I Don’t Have Time for This!

The workshop will offer a few simple steps and techniques for setting boundaries and moving on. After all, if they didn’t hear you the first or second time you repeated yourself, do we really need to continue going around in circles? Of course, short of hanging up or appearing rude, often we do not have the tools for ending the discussion. We will provide these tools.

Interpersonal Skills and Dynamics

Understanding the dynamics of conflict, better informs us which skills are most helpful. When they are nasty, what is the best response? When you’ve repeated yourself three times to no avail, is there another way I could have explained myself? How can I be polite yet firm? Kind yet direct? We will provide and practice interpersonal verbal skills for diffusing repetitive discussions. Some of the skills offered include the art of reframing and the numerous purposes for using this skill. You will be amazed at the power of how what you say will affect the direction your discussion will lead. You will not only learn how to reduce the intensity of the discussion, but learn how to actually guide it to the conclusion you desire.


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