Who We Are

Our Board of Directors is composed of leaders in business, social services, non-profit organizations, government, and our community.  All bring unique skills and expertise to provide guidance and oversight to the organization.

2019 Board of Directors

Board Members and Officers

  • Nancy Tam Davis, President
  • Vicki Diamond, Vice-President 
  • Kierra Phifer, Secretary
  • Denny Eliason, Treasurer
  • Joshua Brumley
  • Rai Nauman Mumtaz
  • Ed McGuire
  • Chelsea Hager
  • Michael Transue
  • Beth Boggs
  • Lauren Adler

Board Committees

  • EXECUTIVE: Nancy Tam Davis, Vicki Diamond, Kierra Phifer, and Denny Eliason
  • DEVELOPMENT: Vicki Diamond and Ed McGuire
  • ADVANCEMENT: Nancy Tam Davis, Denny Eliason, Joshua Brumley, Rai Nauman Mumtaz, and Chelsea Hager
  • FINANCE: Vicki Diamond and Denny Eliason

Become a Board Member

Our board members are responsible for our strategic and fiduciary policies, as well as being ambassadors in our community. If you are interested in being on our board, please email a cover letter and resume to Reception@CenterForResolution.org.