Who We Are

Our Board of Directors is composed of leaders in business, social services, non-profit organizations, government, and our community.  All bring unique skills and expertise to provide guidance and oversight to the organization.

2019/2020 Board of Directors

Board Members and Officers

  • Nancy Tam Davis, President
  • Denny Eliason, President Elect
  • Kierra Phifer, Secretary
  • Michael Transue, Treasurer
  • Vicki Diamond, Past President
  • Joshua Brumley
  • Rai Nauman Mumtaz
  • Ed McGuire
  • Chelsea Hager
  • Beth Boggs
  • Lauren Adler

Board Committees

  • EXECUTIVE & FINANCE: Nancy Tam Davis, Vicki Diamond, Kierra Phifer, Michael Transue, and Denny Eliason
  • DEVELOPMENT: Vicki Diamond, Ed McGuire, Rai Nauman Mumtaz, and Lauren Adler
  • ADVANCEMENT: Nancy Tam Davis, Joshua Brumley, Beth Boggs, and Chelsea Hager