Maralise Hood Quan, EJD

Executive Director

Certified Mediator 

Maralise is a facilitative and foreclosure trained mediator, serving as the Executive Director of the Center for Dialog & Resolution since May 2007. She holds a BA in International Relations and Conflict Management and a Juris Doctorate, which she received in 2008. Her previous experience includes working as Coordinator of the Conflict Resolution Program at the United Nations University for Peace, a professional mediator in a firm focused on land use, state agency mediations and problem solving services, and Chief of Staff to State Representative Dennis Flannigan. (pronouns: she/hers)

Jennifer Norlund Unger

Associate Director

Certified Mediator

Jennifer holds an MS in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University, an International Conflict Negotiation certification from The Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution, and the United Nations Advanced Facilitation Training Certification. Her background includes volunteering as an online facilitator for Soliya, a UNAOC-sponsored program that brings together college students in the West and the Arabic-speaking world for open dialog. She has also served as a Diversion Board member with the Pierce County Juvenile Court. (pronouns: she/hers)

Jennifer Moffett

Operations Manager

Jennifer oversees the Center’s day-to-day operations and delivery of consulting services. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in Business Administration from Colorado Technical University and brings over 25 years of progressive experience across a broad range of business operations and continuous improvement.  Jennifer especially enjoys spending free time with her grandkids. (pronouns: she/hers)

Jessica Kowalski

Operations Assistant

Jessica serves as CDR’s Director of First Impressions, and as you might expect, gives exceptional customer service with humor and empathy. Jessica is the proud mom to Avery and Hadley and is close to her extended family. A fierce advocate for equity and access, Jessica actively participates in local political campaigns. In her spare time, Jessica is a killer baker and loves to work in the yard. (pronouns: she/hers)

Garrett Schmidt

Special Projects Coordinator – Eviction Resolution Program

Garrett joined the CDR team late 2020 and has been a certified mediator since January 2021.  He is helping development the Eviction Resolution Pilot Project and understanding the role mediators play when approaching tenant & housing provider hardships.  Outside of the center Garrett spends his days working in the yard, enjoying family and catching up with friends. (pronouns: he/his)

Mel Humphryes

Special Projects Manager - Eviction Resolution Program

Mel supports CDR as an administrative assistant and as a member of the Eviction Resolution Program team. She is a wife, artist and a pet lover who has 3 cats. When she was around 4th grade, instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons,  she used to watch People's Court and Bob Ross Painting. (pronouns: she/hers)

Amanda Victor

Mediations Services Assistant

Amanda LIVES for coordinating mediations! Getting to know our mediators has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of her young life. The knowledge, skill, and kindness so readily and constantly displayed towards our Center and our clients is a truly amazing thing to witness and be a part of. As far as personally, I’m fairly simple. I like heat and I like beaches - You can take the girl out of Southern California, but you can’t take SoCal out of the girl! Go Lakers!!! (pronouns: she/hers)

Autumn Star

Special Projects Coordinator

Autumn serves as CDR's Special Projects Coordinator. An MSW candidate at Columbia School of Social Work, they are dedicated to fostering personal and communal healing through social accountability and responsibility. Autumn has worked as an advocate for queer youth, a postpartum doula, and a facilitator for trainings in communication skills, trauma resiliency, and building   sustainable communities. They are passionate about deconstructing oppressive systems, body mechanics and dance, and community building. (pronouns: they/them)

Eli Harris

Facilitation & Training Assistant

Eli is passionate about learning, traveling, and watching Jeopardy. He prides himself on his communication skills and grit. On an ideal day, Eli would spend time with family, music, sunshine, and a hike. (pronouns: he/his)