Autumn 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our newsletter!

As the post-labor-day sun shines on us…at CDR we celebrate our summer full of activities. Thank you all who used your summer free time to help mediate our super high volume of cases! We delighted in hearing from many of you who took a well-deserved break and spent time enjoying family and friends— welcome back! This summer, the Board began a strategic plan review, the staff and the Board worked to increase awareness of CDR in our community and we celebrate statewide recognition for the hard work being done in the new field of mediation—Foreclosure Mediation.

We were able to step up our outreach efforts this summer.

  • CDR was on TV-Tacoma’s City line ….. and Comcast interview! Check us out and share your thoughts: Click Here!
  • We have a newly stable website. The key is that NOW we can add, update and improve on the website. Send us your thoughts.
  • We have a committee of Volunteers and Board members coordinating efforts to reach out to as many people as we can about the value of using our services to reach civil, productive and creative conversations that resolve conflict situations. Do you have a group you are a part of who would like to hear about mediation and CDR services?

We have been made aware of the increased need for conflict resolution services in our community. Civil Court filings have decreased, hard economic times mean no money to fight it out in court. Local, State and Federal governments are making serious cuts to services to people who really depend on the help. Every family feels their paychecks does not cover their essential needs. These are a few examples of pent up, unresolved conflicts in our midst. This frustration, anger, resentment, fear and general unease are fertile ground for a simple conversation to turn into a difficult dispute. How can CDR help in these trying times? Your thoughts?

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