Practicum and Certification

The practicum at CDR is one of the largest and most active in Washington State that meets and exceeds the state standards for certification set forth by Resolution Washington (the association of Washington State Dispute Resolution Centers - DRCs).

Practicum Requirements:

This practicum is open to anyone who has completed an approved 40-hour basic mediation training. The fee is $500 for CDR training graduates and $700 training completed outside of the Center.

If you have taken or wish to take your basic mediation training somewhere other than CDR, specific documentation is required:

  • Submit a copy of your Certificate of Completion for the 40-hour course
  • Submit a copy of the agenda of the training

Applications and alternate basic training submissions must be reviewed and approved by the CDR. After completing the practicum, there is a continued commitment to:

  • being an active volunteer mediator with the CDR over the next two-year period
  • volunteering for a minimum of six mediations
  • participate in at least four mediator In-Service trainings at CDR

Practicum Details:

Each practicum is individualized and all will include:

  • observing six to eight mediations
  • solo mediating a simulated mediation, including a personal evaluation and feedback from an experienced proctor
  • co-mediating a minimum of six cases with certified mediators

Certification Details

Once the practicum is complete, the applicant will:

  • request formal certification from a certification committee member
  • submit a narrative review of skill development through his or her practicum
  • submit his or her plan for further skill development and commitment to CDR during your re-certification term

If skill goals are met, certification is awarded. Otherwise, additional opportunities for skill building are provided in a revised plan.

Practicum Application Process

1.   Mail the following to CDR:

  • Internship application
  • Resume
  • Complete Practicum Entry Exercise


Center for Dialog & Resolution
Attn: Practicum
717 Tacoma Ave. So.
Tacoma, WA 98402

2.   CDR will contact you to set up an appointment for an orientation/interview in which you will be asked to:

  • Sign a Volunteer Commitment and Confidentiality form
  • Sign a Drug Free form
  • Pay for the practicum ($500 for CDR trainees, $700 for others)

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