Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

This year, on October 16th we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary and Conflict Resolution Day.  To commemorate these occasions, we are hosting an event dedicated to remembering the past as well as ushering in the next twenty years of service to our community and peaceful conflict resolution.  Over these years we have trained volunteer mediators to deliver professional, high quality mediation services to our community at affordable prices!  Regularly we offer over 30 mediations at our downtown facility for people of all walks of life and we deliver the same service at the court house for 90 small claims cases.

We are the only community mediation center that offers both the facilitative community dialogue mediations and the attorney mediator evaluative shuttle style.  Both, diametrically opposed philosophies under one roof, to the meet  the diverse needs of our clients.

We thank and recognize our volunteers who help us continue day-to-day to make a difference in the lives of those who choose our services.  Some of you are new, and some of you have been with us since nearly the beginning and we thank you for your commitment to high professional standards as mediators and for donating your highly valued skills to our community.

So keep your calendars marked for October 16th when we’ll gather to celebrate the amazing work that we have been able to acheive together!