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Contact us directly at Reception@CenterForResolution.org or 253-572-3657


Pierce County District Court  Small Claims Mediations will be held by Remote Appearance (via Zoom)

If you have trouble connecting to your mediation, please immediately call

the Center for Dialog & Resolution at (253) 253 572-3657

If you are unable to get through email: Reception@CenterForResolution.org

Contact the District Court directly with any questions: 253.798.7487 or

visit their website at piercecountywa.org/101/District-Court


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Mediation is a voluntary process that brings people who have a disagreement together with one or more impartial mediators. Mediators impartially facilitate the communication between the disputing parties with a goal to resolve the conflict.

This is not the same as arbitration (where the disputing parties submit the problem to a third party who makes the decision, and both parties have to abide by it) or litigation (bringing a lawsuit against someone). In both of those processes, one side “wins” and the other side “loses.” The goal of mediation is to help the disputing parties come to an agreement that satisfies everyone.


Following is a partial list of the kinds of conflicts we mediate at CDR:


• Dissolution (Divorce), Parenting Plans (Original or Modifications), Third Party Custody, Elder Care, Parent with Teen


• Personal Injury, Discrimination, Probate, Motor Vehicle Accident, General Liability, Property, Real Property


• Landlord-Tenant, Noise, Nuisance, Animals, Parking, Homeowner Associations, Property Boundaries, Code Violations (referred from Municipal or District Court)


• Management, Employees, Co-workers, Departmental, Communication Issues, Roles and Responsibilities, Gossip, Pre-and Post-Grievance


• Commercial, Contracts, Repairs, Leases, Incomplete Work


• Small and Large Group Dynamics, Improving Teamwork, Customer Service, Employer-Employee, Communication Issues, Resolving Unmet Expectations


• Community Involvement, Best Practices, Strategic Planning, Communication, Multi-party and Multi-agency

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