Eviction Resolution Program


step 1: CONTACT  Call us and talk to an Eviction Resolution Specialist. Whether you are a tenant or landlord, we want to understand your situation and help determine how to support you moving forward toward resolution.

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  • Call today for your confidential assessment

     Call: (253)572-3657

     Email: SolveIt@CenterForResolution.org 


  • Para conectar con una especialista para evitar desalojo, Llame a Marisol

     Español Call: (253)572-3657 Ext. 123

     Español Email: MarisolG@CenterForResolution.org


CDR ERPP Pierce Program Guidance 2021-09-03

step 2: REGISTER   Tenants and landlords can register for Pierce County Housing Assistance for financial support with rent and utilities.


step 3: START FRESH   Check out other resources in our community that may also be of help.

REMINDER: Mediation services through the Eviction Resolution Program are provided at no cost to the tenant and the landlord.

* We do not offer legal advice or legal representation.


 This page was updated on March 23, 2021