parent teen mediation

Parent with Teen Mediation addresses conflicts within the family, specifically for teens (13 – 19) who are having trouble with their parents, at school, or with the law.

Common issues in a parent/teen mediation can be:

• appearance
• work and/or school
• communication and/or spending time together
• chores, curfews, and other house rules
• siblings

• boyfriends/girlfriends (including the parents)
• anything else causing conflict in the family

Parent with Teen Mediation begins with a short phone interview to identify the general issues. The family is assigned a mediator (sometimes a team of two) and mutual mediation date is set.

In preparation for the joint session, each family member talks privately with the mediator. In this confidential conversation, the mediator explores the key issues, how to voice the issues, and how to be open to listening to diverse perspectives on that issue.

During the joint mediation, the parent(s) and the teen sit down in a safe, confidential setting to discuss their issues with a professional, impartial mediator who refrains from giving advice or counseling. The mediator guides the conversation and ensures each person has the opportunity to express his or her viewpoint. The mediation process also helps each person to listen, build understanding, and identify ways to work together to meet the needs of the entire family.

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