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Small claims mediation is a quick, inexpensive way to resolve money-related disputes that two parties have been unable to work out on their own.

In small claims court, one person may sue another person, a business, or — in some cases — the government for up to $5,000. Parties represent themselves instead of having a lawyer represent them. There are no juries, motions, or objections. The person who sues pays only a small fee for filing the lawsuit.

The goal of small claims mediation is to help work out a fair and reasonable solution to the conflict.  This mediation can save the parties the time, money, and stress associated with actually going to Small Claims Court. It also allows the disputing parties to control the outcome rather than having a judge make the decision for them.

If you choose a small claims mediation to settle your lawsuit, the meeting will occur at the courthouse; the date will be set by the court and is mandatory. Any agreements reached are voluntary. The agreement is binding on both parties and, once the terms of the agreement are fulfilled, the case will be dismissed and there will be no public record of your case.

For more information or to file a claim online, please visit Pierce County's District Court: Small Claims Office