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Workplace conflict - how do you deal with it? Ignore it, be professional and avoid confrontation? Workplace conflicts cost businesses millions of dollars per year in lost productivity. Studies show that US employers spend 2.8 hours per week navigating the drama of conflict (CPP Inc study, 2008). It can start with a co-worker’s strange habits that rub you the wrong way or a lack of clarification on job duties. Often different definitions of priority or even small tasks can cause tension, conflict, and stress.

Recent studies estimate that over 50% of the issues preventing organizations from reaching peak performance stem from problems in office relationships. Conflict in the workplace can cost hours of time and even more money, affecting environment, morale, and productivity.

What is Workplace Mediation?

Workplace mediation is an informal and confidential process for employees needing assistance with a facilitated conversation in the workplace.  During mediation, participants can develop agreements that improve their future working relationship.  Employees have the opportunity to be heard and learn to understand another party’s point of view.  Their mediation experience can be empowering by affording the chance to have equal input in a decision.  Mediation is effective in all levels of employment organizations, helping to promote a comfortable, productive environment in the workplace.

What happens in Workplace Mediation?

Workplace mediation consists of several steps:

  1. An initial interview with the referring supervisor to determine if we can assist with the situation and the organizational expectations.
  2. Skilled, experienced mediators conduct individual confidential phone calls with the parties involved to prepare and coach them for the joint mediation session.
  3. A mediation session is conducted at CDR with the goal of a positive outcome for all involved.
  4. Final conversation with supervisor about how to support parties upholding agreements and exploration of how conflict may have impacted others on the workplace team.

Workplace Mediation Request Form