Spring 2013 Newsletter

Do you ever wonder what happens to the brave souls who choose to resolve their differences with mediation? We know some are ashamed they needed to ask for help to overcome their controversies, resolve “simple” differences of opinion, or deal with major conflicts that will affect the rest of their and their families lives. After a successful mediation, how does the experience affect them?

We were honored last month–our month to recognize the heroic donation of time, passion and empathy of our volunteer mediators– to hear from a recent client. What a gift it was to be able to share with mediators how mediation affected one person.

“At the appointment, I noticed the way the mediators handled the different situations that arose. I was mostly interested in how they resisted giving judgment and seemed to feel when one of us needed some time to gather ourselves. …If I didn’t have the majority of control over the things in my life, I was too unsettled to let it be. I found that I let my own judgments and fears cloud my common sense, and it was hurting those I cared about. “

He went on to tell us that he and his children’s mother have a better
relationship. When speaking with others going through similar situations he realizes:

“…I am not the only one who turns on the ignorant switch from time to time.”

How often are we aware, after the fact, that we let our judgments cloud our thinking or “turn on our ignorant switch”? What a great resource in our community to have a safe place, with people trained to listen without judgment, to give our community members the opportunity to turn the switch towards working creatively and productively through their differences, controversies, and conflicts.

Thank you to all the CDR volunteer mediators who give their time, compassion and empathy.

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