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Public Trainings

The following trainings are held at our office, 717 Tacoma Ave. So., Tacoma, WA 98402

Customer Service Workshop: When the Public Attacks (2-Day)

Do you work directly with the public?  This experiential workshop is designed especially for those who deal with the public directly and face very specific challenges.  You'll learn the dynamics of conflict, de-escalation techniques, and more!

Follow this link  for more information and to register for a 2019 Customer Service Training

May 15th - 16th

November 12th - 13th


Tough Conversations Workshop: Conflict Resolution Skills for Everyday Workplace Issues (2-Days)

Are conflicts getting in the way of work?  Do you wish you could spend more time being productive rather than reactive?  Register today for this 2-day workshop and learn skills to help promote a transparent and productive workplace environment.

Follow this link for more information and to register for a 2019 Tough Conversations Workshop

April 18th - 19th

December 5th - 6th