Winter 2012 Newsletter

Joy to the world and peace on earth are more than nice thoughts once a year for you. Every hour you volunteer, you are pragmatically and concretely making peace in our community one mediation at a time.

It is a powerful thing – mediation. Have you shared what you do with your family and friends? Find the time this holiday season to share what happens when you mediate. You invite two divorced people, who very well may dislike each other so much they can barely look at each other or have a civil conversation. They walk into the session as two divorced people unable to communicate, yet leave as a divorced couple working together to co-parent their children the best they can. And you, the mediators, witness that moment when those two angry people who refused to ride the same elevator up, now ride it down together. You can imagine what will be different in that family as a result of their agreements.

Maybe not all mediation sessions end with a total transformation of the relationship, yet you do experience the de-escalation of conflict, new ways of communicating and greater empathy for the human being on the other side of a conflict. That is an amazing feat in and of itself, worth sharing.

You create peace in Pierce County through your commitment to mediate and to participate in our continual learning community. You bring joy to our community because one of the most powerful byproducts of a mediated solution is increased communication between the parties, even if it means agreeing to disagree!

Joy to the world and peace on earth are more than platitudes for you and for us. Every staff person, Board member, AND your fellow mediators deeply appreciate your continued devotion and passion to this work. As the Director, I have the opportunity to talk to many leaders and community members that are in awe of anyone willing to step into a room with two people in conflict and help them– much less volunteer those hours!
Thank you!


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