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Get Involved

There is a point in time when conflict turns into dialog, and dialog turns into resolution – we call this The Space Between.

People in our community require support to find The Space Between and resolve their conflicts. With your support, the Center for Dialog & Resolution will be able to provide services to navigate The Space Between in what we know will be unprecedented number of conflicts. We do this through expert mediation, the creation of new mediators with our certified mediation trainings, and workshops to improve facilitation services in our community. When people have access to The Space Between, the financial , emotional, and societal costs are significantly reduced.

It is time for more people to experience The Space Between. Your investment is needed to help them find it, as The Space Between does not happen on its own and that is why we exist!


When you donate to the Center For Dialog & Resolution, you are empowering your community and county to communicate and peacefully resolve conflict.


As a nonprofit, we are always looking for a few extra hands!

There are many ways to volunteer from learning to mediate, joining the Board, or lending a helping hand around the office.


We are grateful for your sponsorship of The Space Between Equity & Access Initiative. Your sponsorship allows for us to continue helping the community with their space between conflict and resolution.