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About Us


Differences are resolved peacefully and respectfully while honoring diversity. 


Resolve differences and strengthen relationships in the community with inclusive and equitable dialog.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

Our professional mediators and staff provide services to resolve differences through mediation, training, and facilitation to the public, businesses, non-profit, organizations, and governmental agencies.

Equity & Access Initiative Goals

  • Expand our entire community’s access to resolution and justice.
  • Build a diverse mediator corps to reflect the people we serve.
  • Create equitable pathways to mediation and facilitation training.
  • Ensure conflict resolution services in our community for the next 25 years.

Our History

The Center for Dialog & Resolution was founded in 1994 by members of the Pierce County community who saw a need for innovative and affordable ways to resolve differences.

The vision was to provide a space for people in our community to respectfully and peacefully resolve conflicts prior to, or instead of, entering a courtroom.

That year, the American Leadership Forum, in consultation with the local Bar Association and the Court, created the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution (PCCDR) as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. PCCDR began to serve the community and provided an alternate space other than the courtroom where people could resolve their disputes.

In 2015, we formally changed our name from Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution to the Center for Dialog & Resolution (CDR). We believe our updated name better reflects our services and are proud to help people peacefully reach agreements through “dialog and resolution.”

Read a complete history of the Center.

Basic Mediation Training – Spring 2022

“I think this training is very meaningful and has immediate practical application, even if you don’t become a certified mediator. The trainers were top notch – incredibly talented and very engaging.”

Small Claims – 2022

“I am proud of Pierce County for having this program in the court system and I think it greatly improves the process.”

Mediation – 2022

“Phenomenal. My ex and I never agree on anything and we found common ground on all issues. Big thanks to the mediators for all their help.”